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Welcome to the IRC #power-rangers Media Hub, the largest resource for Power Rangers episode and music downloads on the internet.

Shout DVDrips not allowed here

We would like to make sure people know not to share Shout DVDrips of Power Rangers and other related series here on the website nor on the channel. Again the point of the channel was to make episodes available to the majority of the worldwide public, because they had not done so in the past. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, and now DVD releases, we feel the need for our encodes has past. We ask that people refrain from sharing older episodes (including 2011 Power Rangers Samurai) at this point. We'll keep sharing series still not widely available, including the current Season of Power Rangers Super Samurai. Movies are also still not allowed here. Specials and such will still be here. Also, ripping/sharing of past releases is back on the rules list as well. Only DVDrips made for past encodes will be allowed on the channel, but we prefer people NOT to share these either, but because we allowed it in the past, we will not ban or infraction people for doing so now. Just no NEW DVDrips or even WebRips for that matter (Samurai especially).

If you DO want to download the Power Rangers DVDrips, there are plenty of Scene groups out there that will gladly make it available on UseNet and torrents.

Now, for our music section, we will keep that up as we have music not widely available.