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XDCC bots

Officially announcing our new XDCC bots. As you know from our releases during the RPM and MMPRv2 seasons, you had the option to download from X. Well, we've added more bots, P-R|Alpha5 and P-R|Alpha6 to the channel. To know what the triggers are to download, simply go to the Encode Guide on our website, find the "XDCC Listings" on the top of each of the Encode Guide pages. That will pop-up a window with filenames and such. Simply click on the filenames on the right, then a textbox popup with a trigger to copy will pop-up. Simply copy that trigger text and paste it into your mIRC client, and then you'll be either set to download or put into a queue, similar to the old Fservs. This seems to be a more user-friendly method for our newcomers.