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Setting up UPP to Serve

[ UPP File Server Setup ]

  1. Download and Install UPP from
  2. Launch the fileserver settings via the UPP control panel and go to the shared tab. The fserv cache is so the script works faster and fserve sessions take less resources. If you put new content on your server very often, you might want to enable cache expires in 1 hour so UPP will refresh the cache every hour. Most of the time setting 'on-start', and from time to time manually refreshing is enough though; update cache on fileserver error is also recommended. Next add a mountpoint - this is the directory where the files you want to serve are stored

  3. (click for larger image)

  4. Now move on to the triggers tab, and click add trigger

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    The trigger field stands for the trigger itself, e.g. the part which comes after /ctcp or the text the user has to type in the channel e.g. on /ctcp triggers, people would have to type '/ctcp cow leech my stuff'

    The difference between normal and ctcp; with normal triggers everyone in the channel can see when someone types your trigger to access your fserve, and in a big channel that might result in a lot of 'trigger-spamming' (where many people type your trigger out of curiosity after seeing someone else type it). In #TV-Encodes we ask you to use ctcp triggers as these don't flood the channel with people trying to access your server

    Required level: if you'd set this to 'at least +v', only users who are voiced in one of the channels that trigger is running in can access the fserve. When using ctcp triggers, you have the choice between 'none' and 'any'. With 'any', everybody in one of the channels can access the fserve via that trigger, when on 'none' only people outside the channel can access your fserve (Usually not a good idea)

    When 'apply to !list reply' is enabled, users typing '!list' in one of the trigger's channels, will get notified of your fileserver

    In the channel box we have the choice between 'all', 'all except' and 'only'. I advise the option 'only', as you have the most control about your server there, and it won't start running in channels it isn't meant to run in
  5. Now click the select button below 'queuepool'. Select the above line (queuepool 1) and choose edit

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    In this window you can change sends, queues, instasend, and min cps stuff. These settings will apply on all triggers using this pool. UPP knows an advanced system for serving on multiple networks and controlling queues/sends, but we'll assume you'll just work with one queuepool, to keep it easy

    When instasend is enabled, files below the specified size will send immediately, and won't end up in queues. This is usefull if you're serving .nfo's, .cue's among larger files

    The send fail system will requeue a failed send into a prioritized queue, so the leecher won't have to wait all over again, or create a prioritized fail-queue, depending upon which you have specified in the userfriendly tab of the sends module

  7. Click OK, OK and ADD and your trigger is added. You can repeat this whole process when you want to add more triggers (except you won't have to edit a queue pool if you decide to reuse/share one that you already created/tweaked)
  8. Now back to the fserve ad tab

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    Here you can specify which parts you want to have in your fserve ad. (Snagged stands for the combined size of all files sent). Strip ad and short ad will both shorten the ad, and split ad will split it into 2 lines (when you have a lot of triggers which don't fit in one line)

    Make sure the show ad every box is unchecked as we don't allow ads to be shown in #TV-Encodes as they needlessly spam the channel

  9. Next go to services tab

    (click for larger image)

    If you want to enable users to do @find, change the settings according to the picture above

    Enable fserve on start: force sends on connect would be enabled most likely, otherwise you'd have to start them both manually;

    Session Timeout: A leecher will get disconnected when there's no activity on the fserve for x minutes;

    timelimit: is the maximum time someone can spend on your fserve

    Max users: is the maximum number of users who can browse your fserve simultaniously

    If DCC watch is enabled, a queue/send will dequeue/stop if a leecher has parted all channels your fserve is running in. We ask if you intend to serve in #TV-Encodes that you turn this feature on

  10. Now go to the priority tab you can give ops/hops/voices priority queueing level. That way other servers will get priority over normal users. You can also specify priority for certain channels/users
  11. Next go to the General tab

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    When fserve send only mode is enabled, your fserve ad won't show up (nor in !list) when all sends/queue slots are full

    Make sure both enable on start and force sends on connect are enabled

    Click apply and ok

  12. Now launch the fileserver settings via the UPP control panel and go to the sends tab. If you enable min cps, people will have to reach a minimum speed when downloading or else UPP will automatically cancel their sends. This comes in handy when people hammer your serve with 1kb/s downloads with 10 queued ppl waiting. It's reasonable to warn 'em at least 2x, cause a connection can always have a 'burp'. Keep in mind that this will keep slow people from being able to get files from your fserve (depending on what you set your mincps to)

    Max cps is if you want to have some bandwidth left for yourself too. For example, if your maximum upload is 50kb/s, you can set the max cps to 40000; then you'll have 10kb/s left for stuff besides irc

    (click for larger image)

    If you're behind a firewall and/or router, and dcc doesn't work in normal mode, you can enable firewall mode on the firewall tab also make sure that port 59 is open and pointing to your computer on your router/firewall

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  13. Right click in the channel and go to serving - fserv and click start and you're done. Please an have OP check your fserv to make sure it is working and complies with the Channel Rules