IRC #power-rangers Media Hub

How to Download on IRC


Please note that commands are in bold red text. When typing the command, make sure it is in plain text with no special formatting.

Now then, I'm sure one of the main reasons you're in the channel is to download episodes of Power Rangers. The first step to doing this is typing !list in the textbox at the bottom of the screen. You will see a lot of colourful text. These are called "File Server Ads". Here is an example:

Here we are using Pat's File Server (F-Serve) as an example. Now, on his ad you should see where it says "Triggers:[ ... ]". The actual "Trigger" is "/ctcp Pat Power Rangers Eps!". You will notice that Pat has two triggers - either can be used, but we will be using the first one in the example:

To access the F-Serve, you must type the Trigger. So, in the textbox at the bottom of the screen type /ctcp Pat Power Rangers Eps!. Typing out a trigger each time can be difficult and mistakes can be made, so it is easier to copy the text. In mIRC, "Copy" is achieved by simply highlighting the text with the left mouse button, not using Ctrl+C like other applications. To paste the copied trigger into the text box, you can use the regular Ctrl+V. Check that the trigger has been copied correctly and you haven't got the parenthesis "[" or "]" still attached to the trigger - if you do just delete them. Press Enter to send the trigger. If this is your first time using mIRC or another client, you may receive a window asking if you want to Accept a DCC Chat from Pat. Just accept this and carry on. It will open up the DCC Chat window:

Navigating in an F-Serve is done by typing text commands - most of which are similar to old DOS commands. To get a file listing of the initial directory, type dir. Files are in lower-case and have an extention (such as .avi) and filesize next to them. Folders are in capital letters. After typing dir, your F-Serve window should show something like this:

Now, let's say we wanted to download an episode of Power Rangers Season 1. You'll notice that Pat has a folder called "MMPR - SEASON 1" so the episodes must be in there. To get into the folder, type cd and then the folder name - for example, cd MMPR - SEASON 1. Again, you can use the copy and paste technique. It will open the MMPR - SEASON 1 folder, but to see what's inside it you will need to type dir again. Type cd.. if you wanted to go back into the previous folder.

Here we have a list of the episodes of Season 1 that Pat has. Let's say we wanted to start with the first episode. You would type get and then the filename (without the filesize). For instance, get mmpr - s1 - 001 - day of the dumpster.avi in the window. If there are no people currently downloading from the F-Serv, then your file will start sending straight away (you may have to click an "Accept" button) and will say "Sending File". If there are people downloading already, you will need to queue, and it will tell you what position you are at in the queue. The download will start to send once your turn in the queue comes. To see what the current sends and queues are, type sends and queues respectively. If you realise you've made a mistake and don't want the episode, type clr_queues, or clr_queue # to delete a specific queue - in this case, the # would be replaced by a number 1. When selecting a specific queue number, note that you can not delete any queues that are not yours.

When you've finished queuing your file, or simply browsing, you must type exit in the same window. Please note that closing this window will not delete your queues or stop your downloads. Just stay in the #power-rangers channel - if you leave, your queue will not be sent.

Do you need help with something that isn't in this guide? Contact one of the OPs in the channel (people with @ or % by their screename). They are not always at their computer, so please be patient in waiting for a response. If you wish, you may ask your question to the general channel and see if anyone there has an answer to it.