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XDCC Download Guide

A XDCC bot is one which sits in an IRC channel, and advertises "packets" of files it offers, which you can "trigger" to download. Common formats of triggers you issue to start the DCC (Direct Client to Client, an IRC protocol) transfer looks something like "/ctcp NICK xdcc send #_" (underscore is a number)

Note: In the encode guide, look in the "XDCC Listings". You can get the trigger for each file on the XDCC bots there.

DCCs are quite different to File servers (Fservs).

You will see an ad something like this:

To get a list of the files on the XDCC server you type what it tells you to type for a listing. In this case it's "/msg sadisticroot xdcc list"

This will then give you something like this:

It tells you at the end how to get a file, in this case it's "/msg sadisticroot xdcc send #". So for example if I wanted to get "[Triad]Mahoromatic_S2_Ep01.avi" I would have to type "/msg sadisticroot xdcc send #06" because it's pack number is 06.

Some common XDCC bot software are:

- iroffer - the most commonly used bot, fast and made just for serving XDCC packets
- SysReset - a popular mIRC script with a good integrated XDCC system