IRC #power-rangers Media Hub

Known troublemakers

Here is a list of the known troublemakers that have plagued our channel, the old DC hub, and other places throughout the web.

First on the list is a person named Fatih. He is known to stalk people to get what he wants. Whatever means you use to block him, he follows you to every single website, IRC channel, Instant Messenger, etc. Never give your private contact information or attempt to befriend him.

Second person on the list is someone we like to call KitsuneLight. She goes by many aliases on the Internet. She is more of a danger to the IRC community. She will use proxies and new nicknames to get around channel bans. I wouldn't put it past her to use similar methods on websites and other private communities. The other problem is, she does not respect anybody that attempts to help her or instructs her to do something. She takes all suggestions and commands as personal attacks and she counters them with rude remarks. She is also known to try to contact other members to attempt to get you in trouble with false allegations